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Top finals week snacks

December 16, 2013 by Austin Falley

Sweet and salty pretzel noms There are many variations of the melt-something-on-a-pretzel snack, but it’s by far the best with a peanut butter cup. via Hershey’s Snack crackers Why would you go through the trouble of making flavored crackers when you could just buy them? Because these are that good! And don’t forget to serve them in fancy little dish Read More

Top 10 finals study spots at KU

December 12, 2013 by Austin Falley

Studies suggest varying your study locations can improve your memory, so get your book and your buddies, and try out some finals study hot spots. 1. Java Break What could be better for finals than 24-hour coffee? With its basic drinks, specialty drinks and food, Java Break makes for a perfect hole-in-the-wall study spot. Plus, there are power outlets everywhere! Read More

B-school staff share finals week memories

December 10, 2013 by Austin Falley

Although it’s been a few years since most of them crammed for finals, staff members at the KU School of Business had plenty of memories to share from their undergraduate days. Enjoy a few highlights — happy studying! 1. Alicia Green, academic advisor 2. Amy Thomas, event coordinator 3. Dee Steinle, MBA administrative director 4. Dave Byrd-Stadler, MBA career services Read More