Capitol Federal Hall will give MAcc program better sense of identity

April 25, 2016
A view of the atrium in Capitol Federal Hall

A view of the atrium in Capitol Federal Hall

In the weeks leading up to our transition from Summerfield Hall to Capitol Federal Hall, we’ll be featuring guest posts written by faculty and staff. The following blog post was written by Alee Phillips, associate director of the Master of Accounting program and accounting lecturer.

The Master of Accounting (MAcc) team is looking forward to its new home inside of Capitol Federal Hall.

Our dedicated office suite, conference room, collaborative team-based meeting rooms and student lounge, which will be located on the fourth floor, will give our program a sense of identity we currently don’t have in Summerfield Hall.

The much-improved MAcc classroom will be an exciting place for our educators to teach and our students to learn. State-of-the-art technology in classrooms and throughout the building will make it easier for students and faculty to create, access and share information.

Because the full-time MAcc program is fairly large, having these identifiable spaces will help us to quickly build a sense of community among our students and faculty.

Being able to host events and activities, such as our annual orientation, within the building elevates the professionalism of the program and sets a great tone for each year.

We hope to grow both the number of non-accounting KU undergraduates and accounting undergraduates from other schools in our program, and the amazing new building will help our recruiting efforts.

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